Thursday, July 5, 2012

Help us decide on which exerior lighting to choose

Help us decide on which exerior lighting to choose...

 Lamp #1

 Lamp #2

 Lamp #3

 Lamp #4


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Benefit Concert for Recycling in Marathon at Eve's Garden

I know it doesn't have much to do with our building, but we gotta let you know. . .
On Saturday May 26th,  our buddies with the Austin-All-Girl-Doo-Wop-Folk-and Roll Band
will be preforming here at Eve's Garden in Marathon!

I went to the Marathon Chamber of commerce meeting last week and we were discussing how much it'll take to get recycling going for this little community. We had the idea to make Eve's Garden's monthly Happy Hours event into a fundraiser for recycling. With this awesome group of talented folks and your participation, we hope to cover the whole year. We need $100 a month (we estimate.)

My conservationist hubby got himself a KEG-O-ATOR, so we'll donate the beer and have a no-waste fiesta:
Lone Star beer of course.
We'll have some snacks, but it's (as always) a pot luck, don't go to a bunch of work--tweak some leftovers or just come on by.

May 26
starting at 6PM
through and after sunset.
Eve's Garden
Guy Town

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lighting Issues

Our living room's four walls are arches that meet in each of the four corners.
Noble has wired in light bulbs in each corner where the arches meet to creat this cool light effect.
I am trying to design sconces cover up the CFL bulbs and shed colorful light.
The last of these four photos shows a piece of recycled glass I was trying to design as a sconce. Our buddy Willy gave us a glass melting kiln, so I've been experimenting with melting bottles. That one is beer bottles with clear marbles inside.
I have been trying to research how to slump recycled- (rather than art-) glass, but I think I'll have to get a new ceramic tile saw. Probably with a 7" or so diamond blade (we over-used and busted our last one) and slump the bottles and cut it to fit the space.

 Wondering why we haven't been blogging? Bubbles is the reason....
Meet BUBBLES!! Our new puppy from the Alpine Humane Society. We are So In LOVE!
He chose his name...the first thing he did when he came into Eve's Garden was pee on a case of champagne (ok Miller High Life, the champagne of beers) so we started calling him Bubbly... then Bubbles, and sometimes Buba. . ..
Not a yipper and SO SMART. ... gonna train him to help us load the mixer.