Friday, December 9, 2011

 Here's day 84 and 85. Building up the stairway.
What's that Noble is building out of? Paint cans!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

 I found more pictures from the construction of the 4 foot wide vaults over the living room in our house. Here's the step by step of how we put up the roof...

 Getting the vigas up here on the third floor was a fun activity for Noble and me. The vigas are re-used 14 foot long telephone posts.
 Noble set the molds mostly without me, thank the goodness or we'd have come to blows.
 Can you see here how fabulous this roof is gonna look?

So hard to photograph how cool the finished ceiling looks! Plastering this over my head will be procrastinated until next year... FUN FUN...yikes...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I was REALLY Bad at doing the blog last season. Noble and I set our goal for our fourth season (from November 2010 to April 2011) of working on our house to get the vautled roof over of the living room. The above photo was where we started from the end of the previous season. Here is a summary of what we did last season.
Day 67, northwest wall after one day's work..
 Also day 67, southwest viewed from the third floor.
 Day 68
 Day 69

 Day 72, after setting in our arch molds, Noble starts to construct the 4 foot vaults.
Day 75
 Day 77

 Day 79
Day 83, here is my not so great picture, but we got the vaults completed to have the ceiling over the living room!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome Back to Marathon, Texas!

Welcome back! Noble and I are finally back to West Texas. We took this video on day one of this season, number four!
I have yet to figure out how to put audio with it, so I'll describe what's happening:
We start watching Noble walk up the grand staircase. We enter the house-to-be in the kitchen. You see the roof which is four foot wide mini-vaults which we built last year. Then, we enter the living room, with four giant arches on each side of the room. There will be french doors on the south and north sides. The goal for this season is to get a roof on this big room. Looks like it will be twelve foot high ceiling!
Then we enter Noble's little office-space where you see him beginning the instillation of the 3 foot by 5 foot window with a view to the mountains to the south.
Next, enter the bathroom. There are three arched spaces under the stairway to the floor above. The first and second arcshes will be storage. Then the arch across from the second arch will be the royal throne. The final arch under the stairs, is at about 8 feet and will have a giant waterfall shower.
Going up the stairway, the handrails are the little arches with recycled bottles made into homemade glass block. At the top of the stairs we enter the master (and only) bedroom. We look around at the awesome view of the mountains of the Big Bend. Santiago Peak, Elephant Mountain, Iron Mountain, the Catholic church. Then we view the grounds of Eve's Garden, including Clyde's new vegetable garden, the main house, and Kate's flower greenhouse.
Looking back at our house, you overlook the main floor and the living room.
We'll start posting pictures of our daily progress and the next video we post a video there will a roof on the living room, which equals a floor in the bedroom! If all goes well, we'll get the wall in the bedroom up to four feet before we have a big BBQ this spring!