Monday, February 11, 2008

Tickets to Guatemala

I was looking on the somewhat useless web site of Tica Bus and I thought they no longer offered the bus service that goes from San José to San Salvador in the same day. I talked to my sister, Selva, who lives in San José, and she said the her boyfriend was coming on the bus from El Salvador in one day. So I called and they said that they did indeed offer it. Selva bought our bus tickets as far as Guatemala city. You have to buy the tickets at the bus station. She was coming down here for a visit anyway so that worked out.

The right schedule

The trip takes a day and a half, with an overnight in San Salvador. We're thinking we might hop off the bus in Granada, Nicaragua and spend a night there (edit: I found out the bus doesn't actually go through Granada). The tickets we have don't have a date yet. We just have to call at least three days before we want to go to reserve our seats.

Tica Bus route map

I was talking with Alaine tonight and we thought it would be cool to keep track of our costs so at the end each post I'm going to put the expenses since the last post and the grand total. The bus tickets were 31,200 colones each, including tax. That's about $63 USD.


Since last entryTotal


Jackie said...

Are you eating and sleeping?


Michael W said...

Do passengers really carry live animals like chickens and goats on the bus - or is this a US stereotype?

Noble said...

Hi Jackie,

I am eating at least. Everybody wants to invite us to dinner before we leave. That does cut down on the sleeping though. I hope I can sleep on the bus.

Hi Michael W(inters?),

I have never seen a goat on a bus, but last year in Guatemala a woman sat down next to Alaine and set a sack on the floor between them. Something in the sack was clawing Alaine's foot. We think it was a chicken. That was on one of the intercity buses that Gringos actually call chicken buses. I don't expect to see any livestock on the international buses.