Friday, June 11, 2010

Actualized, 65 days worked so far on Papercrete Palace

OK. We've finished our third season of building our papercrete palace.

We started in 2008. This first photo is the shot of our space after the first day's work.
That first season, we were only able to work 11 days, it was a total of 165 person hours.
Here is the picture at the end of that 11th day, in which we completed the north wall of our flat (or joint or palace), on the second floor, built above two guests rooms here at Eve's Garden Organic Bed and Breakfast in Marathon, Texas.

So, we started season two in March of 2009. This second picture is the end of our first day of the second season. The goal this year was to complete the east end of our main floor, which is the stairway up to the bedroom on the third floor, and the structure of the bathroom along with the dividing wall/arch that separates a small office from the big sitting room.

Here's Noble, architect, builder, all around brainy guy on the first half of the stairway finished after about 6 days into the work. In case you haven't seen the rest of the blog, those colorful windows in the arches are booze bottles cut in half, siliconed together and placed as glass block.
And, the block we use to build with is papercrete. We we make it right here at Eve's Garden out of recycled paper, recycled Styrofoam, sand, clay, pearlite and concrete.

Stairway completed and the east interior wall arch begun by day 15 in season 2.

A shot of Noble and I gazing adoringly at each other. Everyone knows how great it is to work day after day after day with your sweetie on a project like this, nothing but bliss and harmony.

This is what the east end of the joint looked like at the end of the 2nd season. We worked 30 days this season, a total of 412 person hours in 2009.

And, here's what we got done in Season 3:
This is Alaine's first major arch, on the south wall of the living room. This living room is about 16 foot by 16 foot, with an arch of this height. Next year, our goal is to put a ceiling on this room. Noble wants to build a groin vault, but he can't find much information on it, SEND YOUR IDEAS.
The nichos on either side of what will be french doors here are selenite rocks given to us by a great guy with a mine. His website

And this is the view of the west end of the joint (the kitchen), which will be the kitchen. When we started this season, there was only a two feet tall wall on the outside west wall and the south wall. Now all of the walls are done on All of the main floor of the house. Last season we got the roof on the other side of this level. This year we got the min-vaults here over the kitchen.

Total days worked in season three: 24 days.
Total person hours worked in Season three: 335.

I had reported that we have worked a total 55 days, I have to update that because I hadn't included six days making blocks and four days of working on preparations (framing windows, putting up forms, etc.)
So, the grand total of days that we've worked on our papercrete palace since 2008, so far is 65 days.
Grand total of person hours worked on the joint: 912 person hours.


Paul Cone said...

does that include guest workers?

macsurf said...

Alaine and Noble, Mike Cook here.

This is so cool. Thanks for the updates.

Travel safe on your way home to Punta Uva.

See you guys in late September or early October.

frann said...

Mighty impressive! What do you seal it with to waterproof? I live in Terlingua and am building and would like to include papercrete.