Friday, April 24, 2009

11th and 12th Day working on our Papercrete Dwelling in Marathon Texas

Here it is! The big arch over the shower-to-be! Finished on our 11th and 12th day. So far we have worked 152 total person hours this year --last year we worked a total of 165 hours finishing the north wall, so I think I will switch to a total person hours worked over the course of the whole project which is 317 total person hours invested, that's like one normal 40 hour work week for about 8 people. If only we had eight people. But, it's just Noble and me hiking up and down the 14 stairs. But it's exciting doing the project together the two of us.

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Caribbean Vivero said...

Hola Alaine and Noble! I am so proud of you two! It looks super cool, and groovy, and i have logged it in my favorites, so i can revist you to see the progress. Miss you lots here, and glad to see you doing great things, like always. XXXXXOOOO and sending you lots of pura vida! christina Orr