Saturday, April 25, 2009

13th Day Building the Papercrete Castle in the Big Bend, TX

Ooo the wind here in the high desert can be a killer. Noble and I started wearing goggles on the windy days. There are little bits of papercrete flying around and even more painful is the perlite (little volanic rockcitos). So far, we've worked 329 person hours on the joint. We're hoping to get the 15 by 15 foot square foot part of the place together before we head up to visit my family in Fargo, ND from the 5th to the 9th of May. --Mom finally got off the farm along the Sheyenne River, for the first time in 4 weeks cuz she was on an island in the middle of the country. An island in North Dakota.
Anyway we have 11 days to get that room up and together. Then, 5 days in ND, then we'll have about 10 days to see how much we can get done on the 15' by 15' space built ABOVE this space --which will be our third floor bedroom. Just 10 days cuz we'll be headed by to Costa Rica around the 20th of May. In case you didn't know, we spend about 9 month out of the year on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica and the other three months here in Marathon, Texas.

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