Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recycling Styrofoam

So, aside from building, there are lots of pieces to put together in preparation of producing papercrete.
We make our own papercrete blocks here at Eve's Garden.
The blocks are made of
- Recycled Paper
- Recycled Styrofoam
- Clay
- Sand
- Portland Cement
- Wata
- Perlite

So, to get the Styrofoam together, yikes a big job for Alaine!
Clyde got a good deal from some folks who supply recycled Styrofoam, however, the clear plastic bags in which the Styrofoam is stored don't stand up to the dessert sun and they have biodegraded! So, we've had a Styrofoam room. I've been spending hours and hours trying to bag up styrofoam. Can you imagine? Can you imagine trying to shove styrofoam beads into bags. bleck.

Got 'er done! About 36 hours of bagging styrofoam beads! And they're all bagged up!

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