Saturday, April 17, 2010

6 person hours!

OK! Upwards!
It's a Rainy Day, rare thing in the high dessert of West Texas, so we're worried all the work we did would wash out, cross your fingers.
French door frame in, A/C frame in, and the piece of selenite crystal from our friend Mark set in!

Our friend Mark donated two larges pieces of selenite crystal which we are using kind of as windows, or back drops to two nichos located on the left and right on the south wall French doors. Mark actually bought a selenite mine in New Mexico. He has a website
The word “selenite” comes from the Greek “selenites,” meaning “moon stone” or “moon rock,” with the root word “selene” meaning “moon,” and for good reason - the mineral selenite is the near transparent and colorless crystal form of gypsum that exudes a pearly luster which glows and can very much resemble the moon. Selene is also the name of the Greek Goddess of the Moon (a.k.a. Artemis or Diana).

This picture is a piece of Selenite that Mark gave us that is displayed in a window frame at Eve's Garden B & B. We're going to actually make windows out of it! Translucent windows yes, but windows! You'll get a better Idea of what it is to look like after we build the nicho up around the rock, hopefully the day after tomorrow, when no rain is forecast.

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