Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 43.

NOTHING Washed out!
We'd had a week of rain so didn't get much work done.
Then our buddy Paul and his girlfriend Christina came for a visit so we took the chance to go to Big Bend National Park and go camping! (Paul will have to send us the pictures form that, we didn't lug a camera.)

Here I post the shot at the end of our 43rd day of construction on our flat. Yes, we started in 2008, but we've (if I've calculated correctly) worked so far on constructing the joint, for 43 days! Just me and Noble. Of course Kate and Clyde (my mother-in-law and her hubby) lended untold hours of consultation of their expertise.
We're on a roll. Hoping to get the arch over this french door on the south wall done in the next few days.

The view of these yellow bibbed black birds from our window over in neighbor Pancho's yard. Various people have identified them as Kingbirds, mocking birds, and yellow-headed black birds. Any ideas? Shouldn't be so hard...

Here's the nicho we framed around that big piece of selenite rock. Nobe left a space underneath it so we can shine a light through it. WOW. I've commissioned our friend Dieter to make a sculpture to sit in this spot.

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