Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 48 Building our castle at Eve's Garden

Day 48

Alaine finished her first major arch! It's the big arch on the south wall with the home-made glass block arch in the middle over the french doors to be. Lucky thing I'm a good plasterer, lots of gaps to fill and surfaces to even out, but still she's strong (my arch).

That's a scaffold in the foreground, pain in the butt to maneuver around but makes the building a bit easier.

Kate is in this picture of the "Alaine Arch" to give you an idea of how big the thing is. Or maybe how little Kate is.

The "Noble arch" on the west side of the sitting-room-to-be on the other hand is perfect just like him, but he got to use a form. He'll pull the form out after the papercrete gets all sets up.

Another big accomplishment today is we got the window frames in in the kitchen-to-be. So, the building should go super fast from here.

We have to lug up about 4 wheel barrows of bricks each day we're working. About 30 bricks per wheel barrow.
I note this cuz I'm going to calculate how many times I had to drag materials up here to the 2nd story.
And, to share a pretty picture, these Holly Hocks in the garden remind me of my grandma Berg's garden.

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