Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 49 Finishing the four arches

Day 49

The goal for this season's construction was to get up the four arches up in the sitting room-to-be and then get up the walls in the kitchen and get the roof over the kitchen.
Today we got the four ardhes in teh stting room done!

The view through the Noble Arch
into the kitchen.
One more day of
building up and then we should be able to start putting up the ceiling! That's why there is a gap in the middle of this arch, because there is going to be a vega (a beam) in the middle of this arch and a couple more beams going east-west and we'll build mini-vaults over the beams.

The south wall of the kitchen has Bombay Gin home-made glass block that I brought in my suit case from Costa Rica.

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