Friday, February 3, 2012

Before Pre-Plaster Final, South Living Room Wall

I tried to get you people to drink more jagermeister for the arch over this the south French door. But the arch turned out super! Wait'll you see it all plastered out!
Did I tell you Noble has the whole living room wired!
Notice these nichos on each side of the French doors, they are crystals!
The open square below the right nicho is where the A/C will go.
Papercrete is very insulating, R40 per square foot, if I have the correct.
Noble will put in some ways to get the heat out at the high point in the kitchen and to suck the hot air out through the bedroom on the third floor. So, we shouldn't have to use the A/C much. But we plan to rent out the joint when we're not hear, so some peopel need the A/C.