Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thirty Some Feet in the Air!

 I got the middle section, arched part, plastered, didn't get the in-between picture though.
Spent 8.5 hours doing that.
Then, a calm windless day, we hooked up a saftey built and Noble belayed me. We were really high tech. He looked up how to wrap a big rope rope around me (not so comfy) and then found a carabiner and hooked it to a long extension cord.
Luckily, no problems. and LUCKLY after just 7 hours, got that hard part done!
Day 1 Prep: 5 hours Alaine
Day 2:  2.5 hours Alaine
Day 3:  7.5 + 3 hours Noble
Day 4:  8.5 + 4 hours Noble
Subtotal: 30.5 hours so far

Can we get it done in one more day?

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