Saturday, February 4, 2012

Goal Reached!

Got the ceiling plastered in three days, the four arched walls finished in the four days we planned. So, we'd planned eight days to plaster and wire the whole living room, and we got 'er done with one day to spare!
Of course I have No Idea How Long the mosaic job on the east wall will take and we have to schedule out PAINTING!
Did you see how perfect those crystal nichos are looking? Noble made little boxed underneath, put in outlets, and has the light switch wired, so we can have colored lights shining up the crystal. Fabo!
1672.5 hours worked so far! = 104.5 days worked by the two of us. (No Pauly, we didn't calculate in hours you guys put in, let us know and I'll adjust)

Next, looks like nice weather, going to plaster the exterior south wall. It's 30 feet in the air, wish me luck!
Noble is plumbing the bathroom.
We plan a trip to ND in the coming days, so would LOVE to get the office and library and bathroom all done, so when we come back, I can start painting and Noble can figure out the kitchen.
We're both at a kind of lost on the kitchen
Will have to post the measurements and see if anyone wants to design it for us.
We had a group of 20 some architure students from Europe stay at the B & B a couple days ago, tried to get them to plan out my kitchen, no luck, they were having too much fun running around the Big Bend.

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