Thursday, May 7, 2009

25 days on the papercrete place

A couple of photos of my homemade glass bloc--first is the view of my production site from the top of the stairs--it is very organized-really, then some of the blocks. The shot I was taking every day isn't changing so much cuz we're just using a lot of mud to go up the stairway in the back--there a photo of one of the nichos in that stiarway which we're using as hand holds up the stiars--and we're leveling the roof/floor still.


Jim Chaney said...

Love the homemade glass blocks!

Maybe contract to do same fer my Punta Mona beach hut? I pay okay.

Bribri would luv it. Want one, too!

tee hee

Be the only structure on Punta Mona 'cept for hippie Stephen Brooks' farm/commune. But, I a good neighbor. Take Padi Derby cigs and beer! Prevent an Indigeno uprisin' and coup!

Jim Chaney said...

Ya'll shud go by Terlingua soon and keep Butch Hancock company. He did awright at the Cactus Sat. nite here. But, he gets lonesome in the hustle and bustle of Terlingua. Too many bikers.