Friday, May 15, 2009

Main arch coming up on Papercrete house in Marathon

Ooo, I've lost track of the days and the hours, but I have it all written down, so I'll go back and put in all the details day by day for the record once we catch up after our trip to visit the family in Fargo.
This photo is of the main arch coming up between what will be the living/dining room and the bathroom/office space. Those are liquor bottles, beer bottles and Topo Chico (mineral water from Mexico) bottles donated by our friend Matt. --if you have cool liquor bottles, send us a note--Mare in ND is going to save the Jagermeistier bottles from her bar (the Box) and them ship down--don't know if that's exactly sustainable devleopment, but they'll be Gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Had a ex-girlfriend, a lawyer in Dallas, who owned a tequila company: the blue agave farm in Tequila, MX, the distribution, the bottling, the wholesaling, the works. She has superb bottles. I will bring a bunch down or Fed ex to you.

Jim Chaney said...

oops. anonymous was me: Jim Chaney. I have an ex-girlfriend who owns a tequila company - El Reposado. Owns the blue agave farm in Tequila, MX, oversees produtions, export, bottling and distribution. Everything. I will get u some bottles. High end tequila with gorgeous bottles.