Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 22 or so

OOO Noble is getting my home-made-glass brick up over the arches.
No time to write more, too much going on.


Anonymous said...

you guys rock!

Jim Chaney said...

Oops. I have a broken wrist. Lost my post, I am afraid.

I am a new subscriber: Jim Chaney.
Austin and Manzanillo

I lived in Manzanillo in 2006. I am in contact with Stephen Brooks & friends at Punta Mona and Nanci Wright and Barry Stevens of El Puente in Puerto Viejo. My atty in San Jose is Nancy Vieto.

I have stayed at El Tesoro Cabinas and La Isla Inn, among many others. Charlie Wanger of Tesoro leased me a house at Playa Chiquita.

I live in Austin right now, but am moving back to Manzanillo, permanently, probably next month.

I saw Butch Hancock of Terlingua last night (Cinco de Mayo) at the Cactus Cafe on the UT campus - where I graduated with an accounting degree in 1977. I am 53, single, a CPA. (Have known the Flatlanders since my 3 semester Tech gig in the early 70's. Joe Ely played our frat parties.)

Steven Fromholz, also an old friend, still runs river trips down your way. I am close to him and his family: ex wife Janey Lake; daughters Felicity and Darcie.

Same for the original "Far Flung Adventurers."

Juan Crouch (Hondo's son) wants to come visit Costa Rica when I get back. I was a liveaboard sailor in the Caribbean in the mid-80's and Juan is a wannabe blue water sailor.

Not trying to namedrop. Just putting some "reasons" why I happened to find you on Google! All my friends do Rio Grande river trips.

My ex-wife, Diane Chaney, lives in Kerrville. Her uncle and my older brother are both on the Board of the MacDonald Observatory. I try to make the Annual Meetings when invited. The uncle sold The Baylor Mountain and Sierra Diablo ranches north of Van Horn (below Dolph Briscoe's Ranch) and bought a smaller ranch right outside Ft. Davis instead. His name is Grant Roane, of Houston. Atty and real estate.

I stayed at the ranch resort just north of the old silver mining town a few years back. The name escapes me. Owned by John from Houston. Subject of much press about a proposed "sale" (or imminent domain proceeding?) related to the adjoining State or Fed park system. Oh, now I remember: Cibolo Creek or Cibolo Ranch. Originally owned by a famous frontier outpost character. Quite a place.

I would love to go back - just without my ex wife and mother in law this time!

Regards - Jim Chaney

PS: Will probably be in San Jose next week for business: May 14 - 19. Hotel Castillo or Hemingway Inn.

I tend to have a drink or three at the Blue Marlin Bar in the Del Rey. :->