Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Typical Day making our papercrete house in Marathon Texas.

A couple fotos of a typical day...

First, here is Noble making the papercrete mortar, takes about an hour. Then...

We move the mortar and bricks from the ground up to our second floor construction...

Here's Noble using winch, not wench, to haul the materials up to the second floor. And Alaine moving the "mud" up on the second floor.

Then, here we are happily using the mud (mortar.) we get about 4 wheel barrow-fulls out of each mixer full of mortar. It takes about an hour to use each wheel barrow if we're moving at a good speed, but putting in the glass blocks up on the arches we move slow and can work up to 10 hours a day (20 person hours).

And then the most important part of our typical day is the beer on the roof at the end of the day as we celebrate what we got done and plan for the next day.


jamestchaney said...

Nice work on the papercrete house! I remember Alaine from Puerto Viejo!

Check out the Conga Bongo hotel cabins northwest of Manzanillo if you haven't had the chance. I luved it. German or Dutch owner cool. Very green. Smack dab in the middle of our jungle at Gandoca Manzanillo Refuge.


jamestchaney said...

I think it is funny that the best meals I have had in the entire country were at Maxis in Manzanillo. Better than all the five stars in San Jose.

And the breakfast cook always plays "My heart will go on," by Celine Dion, from Titanic for breakfast . . . and we both cry.

jamestchaney said...

But, I love the little BBQ place in Ft. Davis that has a sign that says:

We open if we smokin'-
We close when we run out.

jamestchaney said...

I am thinking I want to make a small papercrete house/cabin on Punta Mona point on Manzanillo Beach. I have picked out a small tract for "sale." I say "sale," because I know it is reservation land and you cannot buy free and clear fee title, etc.

So, papercrete would be perfect.

Good luck in Marathon.

Going to San Jose and Manzanillo next week on bidness. I'll say high to the dolphins and humpbacks fer ya.

jamestchaney said...

say "high?"

Man, I meant "hi."

I gotta stop fillin' my bowl with Willie Weed.

Jim Chaney said...

Alaine & Noble: I decided to wait til November to start a papercrete beach cottage at Punta Mona Island on Manzanillo Beach. It would be gooey, rainy messy pile of papercrete on the beach during rainy season.

The jungle guides would luv it, tho. "Hey, mon. Dat crazy 'Cowboy in the Jungle' made hissef a gooey mess on da beach. He a 'Son of a Son of a Sailor,' what caint sang Bob worf a lick, not a builder. Aint got no common sense, mon!"

I will pray fer good weather in Marathon so u can finish the Big Bend Castle and invite the Queen and Philip to the Housewarmin' Party.

They probably watched "Giant" in the 60's and will expect James Dean, Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson look-a-likes everwhere. Just get Noble a leather jacket and put a toothpick in his mouth. And tell him to snarl alot with a curled lip. You get sum purple tinted contacts fer yer gorgeous eyes.

You awready got a castle fit fer a Queen.

I promise not to hawg dis blog today. I just bored. "All hat, no cattle." Nuttin ta do in South Austin.

BTW: Pinetop Perkins - Muddy's old piano man - is supposed to get a Blues Award on TV tonite. Susan Antone and the Spoke owner, James, will be prouder than dandy roosters. I bet he wears his famous red-raspberry suit on TV.

I was gonna see James McMurty last nite at the Continental, but I got plumb wo' out. Mebbe we get his Daddy Larry to chronicle your Castle Building in da Big Bend! "Giant II." Starring Selma Hayak as Alaine and Antonio Banderas as Noble. Directed by Scorcese.

Or: "Lonesome Marathon"

Starring Texan Tommy Lee Jones as Noble. Willie as the Sheriff. Keep Selma to play Alaine. Robert Duvall as the Building Inspector for the metropolis of Marathon.