Friday, January 27, 2012

1,593.5 Hours of Work on our House!

OK, today pre-loaded the mixer so we can plaster the first of the four arches in our soon to be living room!
After loading the mixer, I cuddled up with my computer by the fire with all my old records to update my time log.
Since we started building our castle in 2008, I've been logging how many hours it's taken to get to where we are today. I knew it would take the course of Years, but wanted to log actually how long it takes if we had the time and funds to just build and build and build.
So, since 2008, we've spent 1,593.5 person hours of work. Averaged out with two people working eight hour days, that'd be just 99 and a half days. I'm hoping we can finish these three floors (world's tallest house of paper!) in less than the equivalant of one year!
(Not included planning nor shopping time, just physical labor)

The second floor of our house (Aka apartment)  is all sealed up, so even if it does freeze at night, I can now keep on plastering inside. Here's the "before" shot of the west wall of our living room, pre-plaster. Could plastering this little 12 foot high arch really take a whole day? We'll see tomorrow...

This is the same arch, foto taken while standing even more wester in the house, in the kichen.

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