Friday, January 6, 2012

OOOOhhh Progress!

Here is the west side prettied up. All of the guest rooms here have their private courtyards completed and painted.
On the right side you see Noble and I's place.
The plan for 2012, is to get the whole second floor completed.
2013 the third floor bedroom.
2014 the deck which is the fourth floor! According to my google searches, we will have the tallest house of paper on the planet--at two stories we may already have the tallest house of paper in the WORLDDD. 
Don't worry Clyde had our blocks tested with our friend Barry Fuller 
And they found out that we could safely build as high as 10 stories!

So, for this year, we're working on plastering and painting -- We're thinking about WHITE! or beige (ha ha ha)  and put in electric and plumbing and Decorate. So come for a visit and share your creative ideas.


Spoiled City Girl said...

Your work is inspirational! Thank you for keeping us posted!

Alaine said...

Thanks, that's the idea; inspire folks to build their dreams and think sustainably!