Thursday, January 5, 2012

Working on the Sunset Side of the Garden

We've been working on the western side of the complex. Been GREAT working outside. Today supposed to be the PERFECT 64 degrees (18 C)! (See our weather at and enter our zip 79842 to see if we're getting sunburned or frostbite). 
Here is a photo of where we were last year in March, 2011. We were working on finishing the Sapphire Room. Here you see the outside of the Sapphire room, the big window under the doom in the middle of the picture.

This picture (below) is where we finished off last season, May, 2011. Notice all plastered, quite cleaned up, windows in all the structures, a new outside courtyard on the Sapphire Room (the last of 7 rooms that are part of the B & B).

Tomorrow's post will show how Eve's Garden looked when Noble and I arrived this November! All painted and perfect looking! 
And then I'm working to plaster and paint the exterior of our paper palace...the two story structure on the right side. It's looking AMAZING!
At the end of this season I'll post pictures of my giagantic muscles! Moving that much papercrete is making me hulkish!

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