Saturday, January 7, 2012

Getting Plastered!

OK! I'm on track to get you the update on exactly how many hours we've been working to build our papercrete palace.
Here you see we've plastered the exterior west wall of our place.
Yes, we've been working on our little flat over five years, but when we count the days, it's only been about 90 some days. The idea is to inspire folks to do ANYTHING! We are hand building our house, block by block. And making the blocks.
By the way if you have some paper (better if shredded) we could put it to good use


john lamorie said...

How do you use the shredded paper? Forget what your mixer is. We just did 130 litres of 'papercrete' in our we tow mixer, for a group to get on with building the Nigerian bottle, mongolian yurt papercrete house here in the south of Taiwan. Kids are enjoying the work. Have had 3 groups to date, with another on Thursday, and every Sunday to the mid of March.

Noble said...

Ours is a big drum type mixer. We put paper, water and sand in the day before and tumble it a few minutes and let it soak overnight. It works well except for pieces of plastic from window envelopes which we have to pick out while plastering. Once we even got shredded $20 bills in the mix!

Alaine said...

John, do you have a website so we can see what you're doing? Sounds exciting!
Our shredded paper comes mostly shredded from banks and the border control.
Are your bottles plastic or glass?