Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Half Done with Arch Plastering

1,627 hours later, the north wall of the living room is done. Note the bottle light on the right ride maintains its swallow's nest. And we've got some fancy furnishings. At the end of each work day, noble and I sit and admire our work over Lone Stars and plan for the next day's work.
Sorry for my Poor Photo stiching job.


Anonymous said...

Elaine and Noble: You are the greatest. I love what you are doing. How does the paper plaster hold up under rain? How long does it really last? Do critters like to eat it? You know, I'm used to living in Costa Rica, so these are questions I'd have to ask....

You've done a fantastic job!!! Love it. Madeline

Noble said...

Hi Madeline. Great to hear from you! It's pretty dry here so it's not that much of an issue. On the roof we put a stronger (more cement) coat as the last layer and paint it with glossy latex paint. We've had good success with that. It wouldn't work in a wet climate because it would never really dry out so you would have major mold problems.