Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Ceiling as Smooth as...

Well, a ceiling as smooth as a rhinoceros' back side! It's as smooth as the smoothest papercrete ever! Three weeks from now we can start painting!
In the end it did take three days to plaster the ceiling. Working from first light to dark, slow process, but now, again, I can say the hardest part it done.
We figured out we'll need 18 light fixtures on this floor!
For example, just in the living room: there will be:
two spotlights on the back side of the bottle wall there on the east bottle wall.
four sconces, one in each corner where the arches meet, so light shines up on this perfect ceiling,
two other lights hidden on the arches to shine on the north wall which will have local art,
four lights outside the french doors on the south and north walls,
two hidden lights underneath the crystal nichos on the south wall,
and the big ole six foot wide ceiling fan has a light.

OPPS I guess I did the math wrong somewhere, that's already 15! light fixtures Just in the Living Room!

NEXT we'll start plastering each of the four arches around our living room! Those before and after pictures impressive!


Tony Boatman said...

Can't wait to come see it all. Enjoy the blogs, keep them coming.

Spoiled City Girl said...

That is a remarkable effort! I never expected it to look so smooth! Great Job!

Alaine said...

Love to get these comments! Thank you guys!